2017 Feast of St. Francis Program is now available!

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Every October 4th, the Feast of St. Francis (FOSF) celebrates the saint who saw all created beings as his brother or sister. Inspired by this example, Catholic Climate Covenant produces a free 90-minute catechetical program to help parishes, schools, and faith communities explore how they can better care for creation and the poor. New this year is a Blessing of the Animals Liturgy.


2017 Feast of St. Francis Program – “Befriend the Wolf: Blessing All God’s Creation.”
Register below to gain access to the Feast of St. Francis resources.


We hope that you find the materials and resources we have created for this year’s Feast of St. Francis Program inspiring and useful. Remember that the Feast of St. Francis Program can be used on October 4th or any date of your choosing.

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Protect DACA: Action Alert and Toolkit

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News sources are reporting that President Trump is considering terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This move would turn our nation’s back on immigrant youth who are valued members of our communities. Terminating DACA would place the nearly 800,000 DREAMers whom the program allows to work and live legally in the United States at immediate risk of deportation. We need to call on our elected leaders TODAY to keep the DACA program intact!


President Trump: (202) 456-1111 (please leave a message)

Your Senators and Representatives: (202) 224-3121*

*Please call this line 3 times to be connected with your 1 Representative and 2 Senators

Please click here for a DACA faith toolkit. The Toolkit includes:

– DACA Faith Leader Op-Ed Template
– Sample Letter to Meet Your Governor or State Attorney General

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Conference of Major Superiors of Men Resolution and Toolkit: “Gospel Nonviolence: The Way of the Church”

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On Aug. 3, 2017, CMSM members gathered at their national assembly and overwhelmingly supported this resolution. See the full text and press release below, especially in light of recent events in Charlottesville and N. Korea.

Resolution General

The Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) resolves to use both our individual charisms and experience as religious leaders to 1) significantly build up nonviolent practices and a culture of nonviolence; and 2) to invite Pope Francis to offer an encyclical on nonviolence, which would include a shift to a just peace approach for transforming conflict.


The biblical vision with Christ as the center of our lives and communities, our vows and our mission as religious call us to see the urgency of this issue, not simply as a justice and peace concern but as embedded in who we are as baptized Christians. Jesus called us to be merciful, to love our enemies, and be peacemakers (MT 5-7). In this year’s World Day of Peace message, Pope Francis affirmed that “true followers of Jesus embrace his teaching about nonviolence;” called us to “make active nonviolence our way of life;” and “pledged the assistance of the Church in every effort to build peace through active and creative nonviolence.”(1) This builds on Vatican II’s call to “strain every muscle to outlaw war.”(2) We recognize that violence is too often pervasive in our societies, including in the form of structural and cultural violence. For example, we must change economic structures and investments that perpetuate preparations for war and the proliferation of weapons in our society. We need a deeper understanding of Gospel nonviolence to better live out our faith, transform our societies, and “build bridges” as well as cultures of just peace.

Resolution Specifics

1. PRAY and CONFESS: We resolve to pray for conversion to Gospel nonviolence in our personal habits, in our ministries, for our Catholic church and beyond. This includes ongoing confession of our own violence, and prayer for those we find difficult to love or who are identified as enemies.(3)

2. EDUCATE: We resolve to regularly study, dialogue, and educate about the Gospel of nonviolence and a just peace approach.(4) This includes our formation programs, schools, and preaching.

3. TRAIN, ADVOCATE, and INVEST: We resolve to significantly build up nonviolent practices, such as nonviolent communication, trauma-healing, restorative justice, unarmed civilian protection, nonviolent resistance, and nonviolent civilian-based defense. This includes skill training, advocacy, and when possible investment of our resources.

4. SOLIDARITY and PROTECTION: We resolve to offer accompaniment and nonviolent resistance for solidarity and protection of vulnerable immigrants, refugees, oppressed religious and ethnic minorities, elderly, unborn, prisoners and death row inmates, and other marginalized persons along with all of God’s creation.

5. DE-LEGITIMATE WAR: We resolve to not only build up alternatives to war and to other forms of direct violence, such as lethal force, but also to move away from justifying war. Thus, we resolve to concretely advance Vatican II’s call to “outlaw war,” and support similar international efforts as we promote a just peace approach for transforming conflict.

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50-state resource aims to help parents prepare for possible deportation

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CLINIC has released a new web-based resource to help guide immigrant parents and their representatives as they put legal protections in place for families in case parents are detained or deported.

Emergency Planning for Immigrant Families: A 50-State Resource, includes links to state-specific documents on guardianship, conservatorship and powers of attorney. Each state page also lists contact information for embassies or consulates for Mexico and Central American nations, as well as links to state bar associations. Some states provide handbooks or other assistance on related topics, which are linked.

“The president’s executive orders on immigration enforcement effectively put all non-citizens in the U.S, particularly those who are undocumented at risk of detention and deportation, at risk of having their families suddenly torn apart,” said Jill Marie Bussey, CLINIC’s director of advocacy.

“Parents need to assess their risk and plan in advance,” Bussey added. “They need to decide who will take care of their children, which may require naming a temporary guardian or completing a power of attorney. They also need to plan for future reunification abroad, which would require children to have proper identity and travel documents.”

Earlier this year, CLINIC released Know Your Rights materials that advise families to plan now for potential enforcement actions by immigration authorities. The new resource supplements that with key information for at-risk families as they make plans.

The resource is designed for use by legal service providers and the public. Immigration attorneys do not necessarily have expertise in the areas of law applicable to guardianship and related matters. The material can help guide non-experts to solid, qualified assistance.

“This area of law is extremely difficult,” said Lisa Parisio, CLINIC’s advocacy attorney for policy and outreach. “From the perspective of an immigration attorney or advocate, we’re not dealing in immigration law. These topics fall under family law or even estate planning.”

“On top of that,” Parisio said, “the laws, legal forms, and procedures—for naming a temporary guardian, for example—are different in each state. And those state-specific laws, forms, and procedures do not necessarily contemplate or cleanly apply to a scenario where a parent needs to name a guardian for a child because they’re at risk of being detained by ICE.”

“We strongly recommend parents contact their consulates well before any enforcement happens,” said Bussey. “This resource provides contact information for consulates and state bar associations. They are in the best position to provide referrals to attorneys in good standing who have the necessary expertise. They may also help connect people in need with accessing legal services.”

“Every parent finds it daunting to face the prospect of being forcibly separated from their children, especially to another country,” said Jeanne Atkinson, CLINIC’s executive director. “Our goal is that this resource will help families easily locate the help they need to put a plan and legal protections in place. We hope that may give them some peace of mind if the worst happens. In the meantime, CLINIC will continue to fight inhumane enforcement policies that needlessly rip families apart.”

Access the resource now

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Eco-Tips Toolkit

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This toolkit contains some ideas for communicating creation care with your community, eco-tips to share, and information on the upcoming Feast of St. Francis program.


How will you take action?


It was not for its own purposes that creation had frustration imposed upon it, but for the purposes of him who imposed it – with the intention that the whole creation itself might be freed from its slavery to corruption and brought into the same glorious freedom of the children of God.” Romans 8:20

•    What do you think St Paul is suggesting here? What does this passage mean to you?
•    Jesus died on the cross not just to redeem humanity, but to redeem the whole of creation. What does it mean to you to be a creature, created by a loving God? What does this mean for our relationship to other creatures?
•    What actions can we take to express our love for creatures and creation, which is redeemed by Christ?

God of all, you so loved the world that you sent your only Son to redeem all creation. Grant that we may follow Christ’s example of compassion and never forget the impact of all that we do on the earth and one another. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Redeemer of all, Amen.

This reflection is from CAFOD. For additional reflections, see cafod.org.uk/climatereflections.

Act Together

Ten Minutes

1) Join the Catholic Climate Covenant CCT Facebook page! It’s an easy way for CCT members from across the nation to communicate with each other. Have a question, challenge, or success? Let others know and create community! 

Ask to join by going here and start posting!

2) Have you planned a Feast of St. Francis event this Fall? This year’s theme is “Befriend the Wolf: Blessing All God’s Creation” and is meant to be an educational program designed to guide your community through a contemplation of how all created beings are united as one family under the parentage of God our Creator.

The Covenant will offer a Blessing of the Animals liturgy and a separate 90-minute educational program for use in your parishes, schools, and religious communities. Register now!  We will send an email to download the program when it’s available in mid-August.

Half Day

Communicating with your community is VITAL!
CCT website/webpage: Does your CCT have a website or a page in your parish’s or school’s website? Check this awesome page that the Care for Our Common Home CCT at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas has created.  Does this webpage have ideas for your own page?

Setting up a website/page is a terrific way to increase communication within your community. If a website isn’t possible, perhaps a Facebook group would help you connect with others interested in creation care in your parish or school.

For more ideas about CCT communication, be sure to check the Communications 101 Toolkit available in the Creation Care Resource Library. We have removed the password requirement for the library. Be sure to bookmark it and check it often!


Eco-Tips for Church or School Bulletin: Many CCTs have asked for simple eco-tips that can be placed in your weekly bulletins, church newsletters, or website. GreenFaith provides two years’ worth of eco-tips that you can use in your bulletin inserts.

Eco-Tips for Your Home/Family: Here are three easy steps (also from Greenfaith) that all of us should attempt this summer:

Quick Step #1:  Adjust Your Thermostat 1 Degree
Through energy use alone, the average US home creates over 13 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually – the same amount as driving a car over 12,000 miles.  

Right now – turn your thermostat 1 degree lower (if it’s winter) or 1 degree higher (if it’s summer).  It’s a great first step to reducing your energy use!
Quick Step #2:  Make Your Lunch or Dinner Today a Vegetarian One
Meat production worldwide is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, and creates huge amounts of toxic waste.  Animals are treated with terrible cruelty on factory farms. 

Today, make your lunch or dinner meat-free.  Visit Vegetarian Times for great meat-free recipes.
Quick Step #3:  Take One Hour Away from Electronics, and Towards Creation
The average US citizen spends over 90% of his or her life indoors, most of it in front of electronic screens.  This weakens our bond with the earth. Today, disconnect from all electronics for 1 hour, and go outdoors.  Spend at least 15 minutes in a safe space, and in silence.  Observe what you see, hear, feel, and smell.   Perhaps journal what you see.  A college professor has his students do this, and some report that this is life changing.
If you can’t get outside today – make yourself comfortable in front of a window, a potted plant, or something that reminds you of the natural world, and meditate for ten minutes. Give thanks to God for the wonders of creation.



Ask Your Representative to Join the Bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus 
Do you agree that there is too much partisanship and a lack of dialogue and action on climate change in the US Congress? You can change that! Now is the time to take action!
Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) and Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) founded the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus to serve “as an organization to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and protect our common home.” The Caucus’ membership is equally balanced between Republicans and Democrats and meets regularly to advance climate solutions.  It is now producing bipartisan pieces of legislation such as the creation of a National Climate Solutions Commission. The Caucus’ efforts are the first step towards politically viable legislation to address climate change.

Please write your representative and encourage him/her to join the Climate Solutions Caucus.

Take Action!

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