Take urgent action against nuclear war!

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From the war of words between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, to Trump’s decision this Friday whether to renege on the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and the looming release in just over a week of the Trump administration’s Nuclear [Weapons] Posture Review, the specter of nuclear weapons and nuclear war casts a fearful shadow across the world. (See a photo, right, of the infamous United States hydrogen bomb “test” blast, code-named “Castle Bravo,” in early March 1954. At 15 Megatons, it was the U.S.’s largest. It devastated the Marshall Islands, and a Japanese fishing fleet downwind, with deadly radioactive fallout.) Please take action! Fill out and submit Win Without War’s web form to your Members of Congress, urging their support for and co-sponsorship of the Markey/Lieu bill (H.R. 669/S. 200), the “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act.” Learn more at Beyond Nuclear’s Nuclear WeaponsNuclear Proliferation, and Nuclear Winterwebsite sections.

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Stop Oil Drilling In Our Oceans!

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After months of threats, the Trump Administration announced plans to open new oil drilling leases along coastal areas all over the country, including California.

Six sites along our coast are in the plan — two in Northern California, two in Central California, and two in Southern California.

We need your help to respond quickly to stop this nonsense.

Californians have long known and felt the effects of coastal oil drilling. We’ve seen our coastlines fouled, our air dirtied, and our climate disrupted.

It will require a long, strong effort to stop the new offshore drilling plans. That effort begins with two steps you can take right now:

Tell your congressperson to urge the Trump Administration to hold more than the one public meeting in California about the oil drilling plans.

Plan to attend the February 8 meeting from 3:00 – 7:00 pm in Sacramento andRSVP to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management so it knows the public plans to show up.

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Save Organic Farming!

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Big Ag is pushing Congress to gut organic farming.

Small and mid-sized organic farmers — the farmers who form the bedrock of a healthy, sustainable food system — need help affording the annual organic certification fee. Since 2002, Congress has been providing that help. This has allowed thousands of small farmers get their organic certification.

Now, Congress could put this critical funding for organic farmers on the chopping block. We need your help to stop that from happening!

Tell your Representative: Don’t strip programs that help small organic farmers!

The organic label ensures that consumers like you can make informed choices about what you’re feeding your family. It’s the most robust and transparent food label on the market. So farmers are certified and audited annually to ensure they meet the standards.

This cost share program makes it easier for small farmers to get certified — all for just $750 per farmer.

At the same time, Congress allocates upwards of $11 billion a year to subsidize chemical-intensive production of grain, seed and fiber. These subsidies benefit Big Ag companies like Monsanto.

Tell your Representative: Protect organic farming, not Monsanto’s profits!

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No Muslim Ban Ever Week of Action Toolkit

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unnamed-3From Franciscan Action Network –

On January 27, 2017 the Trump Administration released Executive Orders banning individuals from seven (then six) Muslim-majority countries and all refugees from entering the country. Now, a year later, we’re in a critical moment. After the courts repeatedly blocked various versions of these bans, parts of both the most recent Muslim ban and refugee ban are being implemented. We must keep up the public pressure and media coverage to stop the Muslim and refugee bans now.

Many advocacy organizations are building a list of creative activities and important public witness events for a week of action from January 27 – February 3, 2018. There is already an action being planned in front of the White House in Washington DC. We urge all FAN members to use this toolkit to find an idea and some resources for taking action. One example we offer is to click on the postcard image here to download and print a supply to distribute. Have folks in your community or parish sign them and send them to their members of Congress.

Put your event on the map and find an event near you here

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Apply for free online civil resistance course by International Center for Nonviolent Conflict

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International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) is pleased to announce a call for applications for a seven-week, participant-led online course: Civil Resistance Struggles: How Ordinary People Win Rights, Freedom, and Justice.

This free, self-moderated course will take place on ICNC’s new online learning platform, starting on February 8!

Apply by February 4 for a free, self-moderated
ICNC online course on civil resistance.

The course provides an interactive, in-depth and multidisciplinary perspective on civilian-based movements and campaigns from around the world. Course participants will work independently and collaboratively through weekly modules of readings, forums, videos and small-group interactive projects.

We are accepting up to 50 participants from all over the world for this self-moderated online learning experience. Participants should have strong motivations to learn and apply their civil resistance knowledge, be willing to engage with other participants, and be comfortable writing, sharing and speaking in English.

Please visit our application page for a full course description and to apply!

Learn more

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