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The PowerKit is a way to make your choices count. It’s a first of its kind community subscription from Presente that aims to fulfill the wishes of our ancestors that we thrive, not just survive every day. 

We strive to be accountable to our community — your values and needs — so the only constraints on what we can do are your dreams. Presente aims to change its financial strategy to be primarily funded by community members like you and dedicated to movement-building, culture, and action. And the PowerKit is how Presente holds itself more accountable to our community.

Get your October PowerKit today to bring joy and beauty into your life, while honoring our ancestors.

What’s in a PowerKit? Each kit will be uniquely tailored to the month and the issues our communities face and will include pieces of art from Latinx artists, swag from social justice organizations, and useful tools to help navigate your everyday life. All this while supporting a sustainable, thriving future for independent, powerful organizing.

What does this have to do with my ancestors? Our October Dia de Los Muertos themed PowerKit honors our ancestors’ deepest desires for our well-being. Our ancestors wanted us to live in ways where our choices reflect our values. We honor our roots. We honor how we are all connected. For Dia de Los Muertos we offer items that bring our culture alive.

Today is an opportunity to make a choice that reflects your values of a fair economy, self-determination, passing on cultural legacies, and making every day a piece of art.

The October Power Kit includes roasted coffee from Chiapas via our partners at Sin Fronteras Coffee. We choose to include coffee because it is a direct connection to our Latinx diaspora. We honor those who produce the coffee, their hands touching the beans, the plants, and the soil before it makes it into our mug in the morning. We honor those farmers that have decided to run small batch grown coffee that doesn’t result in deforestation or worker exploitation and continues to celebrate culture into production. We accept and support their version of an alternative, humane economy that continues to bring joy to people all over the world in the morning, in gossiping with friends, in writing your best piece of poetry, in making it through the day.

Our PowerKit will also include a specially designed art sticker. A sticker is ultimately the people’s art. It can be used by children, adults, and it is free from boundaries. Like our culture it’s an adhesive that we can put anywhere, that comes with us everywhere. We are people of the sun and we adorn what we wear, where we go, and the things we use with our artwork. Our sticker was created by Francis Mead.

Bring people’s art back into your home and buy the PowerKit today.

Finally, our PowerKit includes a postcard size art piece with a velvet finish. Migration is beautiful. Humans are meant to soar not to be caged. Humans are meant to dream bigger and fly over hurdles. Humans are meant to come together. Our ancestors and cultures remind us how much we have in common and how we all journeyed to a land, a place, to create a home and a family. Our postcard was created by Jess X Chen. The sticker and postcard were commissioned by our friends at CultureStrike and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (M.I.V.) for the “Until We Are All Free” initiative.

Your support of the PowerKit is an act of courage. This is the prototype Kit, testing our ability to build financial stability through forming deeper connections with our members. Donating to this Kit is a chance to show that you believe that alternative economies can and should exist. You believe that the world can change with your hands. You believe that every day should be a living piece of art.

Soar with us to a new financial and cultural pathway, by supporting Presente and buying the PowerKit.

It was once said that all of life can be art. How we live, how we dress, how we eat, how we laugh — these are our opportunities to create art in the world. We believe that we can bring art into our everyday life in a way that supports fair economies and keeps us accountable to our community.

Let’s use our everyday choices to support our lives as masterpieces.


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