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We Must Continue to Work to Protect DACA

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As you may know, DACA is currently in jeopardy. Ten anti-immigrant Attorneys General have threatened to sue the Trump Administration if DACA isn’t ended bySeptember 5th. Conversely, on unnamed-2July 20th, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) announced a strong bipartisan legislative solution that would provide DREAMers a path to citizenship.

DACA must stay in place until Congress enacts a clean DREAM Act or broader immigration reform. Rescinding DACA without a legislative solution would be a devastating blow to our nation’s economy and nearly 800,000 DREAMers who live, study and work here. DACA is popular with the public and enjoys the support of employers, educators, community leaders, and elected officials from both parties.

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez, Chair of the Migration Committee and Bishop of Austin, Texas, recently expressed support for DACA. We urge members to follow the Bishops’ lead and continue making calls and planning for visits to legislative offices during the August recess in support of our immigrant sisters and brothers. Don’t forget about the toolkits and resources for use from both Justice for Immigrants and the Interfaith Immigration coalition. We also encourage you to sign and share this petition from United We Dream. You are also invited to share the Bishops’ letter with your Senator.

We will continue to work towards our nation’s founding values of hospitality and opportunity for those seeking a better life.

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50-state resource aims to help parents prepare for possible deportation

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CLINIC has released a new web-based resource to help guide immigrant parents and their representatives as they put legal protections in place for families in case parents are detained or deported.

Emergency Planning for Immigrant Families: A 50-State Resource, includes links to state-specific documents on guardianship, conservatorship and powers of attorney. Each state page also lists contact information for embassies or consulates for Mexico and Central American nations, as well as links to state bar associations. Some states provide handbooks or other assistance on related topics, which are linked.

“The president’s executive orders on immigration enforcement effectively put all non-citizens in the U.S, particularly those who are undocumented at risk of detention and deportation, at risk of having their families suddenly torn apart,” said Jill Marie Bussey, CLINIC’s director of advocacy.

“Parents need to assess their risk and plan in advance,” Bussey added. “They need to decide who will take care of their children, which may require naming a temporary guardian or completing a power of attorney. They also need to plan for future reunification abroad, which would require children to have proper identity and travel documents.”

Earlier this year, CLINIC released Know Your Rights materials that advise families to plan now for potential enforcement actions by immigration authorities. The new resource supplements that with key information for at-risk families as they make plans.

The resource is designed for use by legal service providers and the public. Immigration attorneys do not necessarily have expertise in the areas of law applicable to guardianship and related matters. The material can help guide non-experts to solid, qualified assistance.

“This area of law is extremely difficult,” said Lisa Parisio, CLINIC’s advocacy attorney for policy and outreach. “From the perspective of an immigration attorney or advocate, we’re not dealing in immigration law. These topics fall under family law or even estate planning.”

“On top of that,” Parisio said, “the laws, legal forms, and procedures—for naming a temporary guardian, for example—are different in each state. And those state-specific laws, forms, and procedures do not necessarily contemplate or cleanly apply to a scenario where a parent needs to name a guardian for a child because they’re at risk of being detained by ICE.”

“We strongly recommend parents contact their consulates well before any enforcement happens,” said Bussey. “This resource provides contact information for consulates and state bar associations. They are in the best position to provide referrals to attorneys in good standing who have the necessary expertise. They may also help connect people in need with accessing legal services.”

“Every parent finds it daunting to face the prospect of being forcibly separated from their children, especially to another country,” said Jeanne Atkinson, CLINIC’s executive director. “Our goal is that this resource will help families easily locate the help they need to put a plan and legal protections in place. We hope that may give them some peace of mind if the worst happens. In the meantime, CLINIC will continue to fight inhumane enforcement policies that needlessly rip families apart.”

Access the resource now

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LA Mayor Will Defy Trump Administration On Immigration

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From Buzzfeed –

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.38.05 AMLos Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday said he would not bend to President Trump’s threat to withhold federal funds from cities that don’t help the federal government take a harder line with undocumented immigrants.

“We will not change what we are doing and our values are not for sale,” Garcetti said during an interview with BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith at an event in Rancho Palos Verdes. “This decision was more of the kind of ideological rhetoric that actually makes us less safe.”

The comments came one day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions said cities must notify the Department of Homeland Security at least 48 hours before releasing immigrant detainees when asked. and give federal officials access to jails or risk losing millions in crime-fighting aid grants.

Garcetti said he doesn’t believe LA would lose any money by continuing with business as usual, even under the new threats from the Trump administration — pointing to multiple courts that have ruled that local police can’t hold people longer than they normally would for immigration authorities.

“What they’re asking the city to do is in violation of the Constitution,” Garcetti said.

Garcetti issued an executive directive in March barring city employees from helping immigration authorities in all but serious cases, while expanding policies that protect undocumented immigrants.

Still, Los Angeles hasn’t adopted an official “sanctuary city” ordinance like in San Francisco, which prohibits employees from collaborating with federal immigration officials. Instead, LA officials point to a long-standing policy, Special Order 40, which prohibits police from approaching people for the sole purpose of determining their immigration status.

At the same time, immigrant advocates complain that the LAPD conducts operations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that focus on transnational gangs.

The justification for those operations is that they target criminal activity rather than immigration status. However, a BuzzFeed News investigation found that some people caught up in the operations — who are not charged with, convicted of, or suspected of committing any crime — were arrested by LAPD officers and transferred to the custody of ICE, which began deportation proceedings against them.

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