Animation in the Franciscan Tradition

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Animation is a Franciscan style of leadership that recognizes the spirit at work in all people.  It works primarily to enliven the faith, vision and engagement of fellow Franciscans with the society and world around them. Animators actively encourage holistic personal growth in those they serve, and provide on-going formation opportunities to explore and commit more deeply to the meaning of Franciscan life today. Animation in justice, peace and care for creation undertakes the encouragement, service, and on-going formation of the friars in our province. The animator devises a collaborative JPIC discernment and reflection process to identify priorities, and then coordinates an agenda which flows from them.

The animator focuses on the experience of friars, fostering theological reflection on their experience of God, Jesus Christ, the poor, social structures, and creation.
Our province’s JPIC work seeks to embody the following traits: broad participation, collaboration, dialogical relationship, mutuality in faith formation, inclusivity, prophetic vision, and formation of conscience.  We understand JPIC animation to be formation work, fostering continuing conversion among all touched by it. The animator works with other friars to carry this same spirit of formation out to the Franciscan family and other laity with whom and to whom we minister.

The JPIC animator collaborates with on-going formation efforts in the province in order to provide formation experiences marked by our Franciscan intellectual tradition, and thus foster a clearer and stronger Franciscan identity among the friars and the Franciscan family. Familiar with the order’s vision for the JPIC dimension of our common vocation, the animator helps the brothers intergrate their vision into their life and work.



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