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Highlighted Event:

Transitus: Celebrating the Passing of Francis and His Love of Mother Earth

FrancisTransitus is the annual celebration held every October 3rd that recalls that “passing over” of St. Francis from human life into eternal life. This is a special service titled, “Celebrating the Passing of Francis and His Love of Mother Earth.” Below are the leader script and the participant handout for the service:

Transitus: Leader Script

Transitus: Participant Handout


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 Action Alerts!

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Human Trafficking

The Death Penalty


Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Shadow on the Rock by Daniel Barriegan, SJ

At Hiroshima there’s a museum,

and outside that museum there’s a rock,

and on that rock there’s a shadow.

That shadow is all that remains

of the human who stood there on August 6, 1945

when the nuclear age began.

In the most real sense of the word

that is the choice before us.

We shall either end the war and the nuclear arms race now

or we shall become Shadows on the Rock.


August 6th and 9th marked the 69th anniversary of the dropping of the nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, and the beginning of the nuclear weapons age. We must not forget that we still live in the shadow of nuclear weapons.

To the left is a shadow left on a wall after the nuclear blast in Nagasaki.


Franciscans for Justice is a joint project of the O.F.M. Franciscan Friars of the St. Barbara Province and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Province. Franciscan Friars are a Roman Catholic religious community called and committed to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the prophetic spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. We work with others to promote justice, peace and care for creation, in our times.