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Current Highlights:

Pope Francis Visits Egypt

St. Francis of Assisi went to Egypt to visit the sultan, Malik-al-Kamil.  Author Ken Butigan of ‘Pace e Bene’ states “The recognition that truth is not the property of a single person or tradition…is basic to nonviolence. The ability to listen respectfully, and to be willing to be  changed by an aspect of truth expressed by another, is necessary to the practice of nonviolence. Francis and the sultan witness to a willingness to search together for aspects of truth found in different traditions.”
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At the end of April, Pope Francis traveled to Egypt and met with religious and political figures. He addressed Egypt’s President   Abdel Fattah el-Sisi  noting that any approach to peace and counterterrorism which does not deal with religious freedom of minorities as well as abuses of human rights by both government and non-state actors would be unsuccessful.








Pope Francis was invited to Egypt by Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar mosque. (He is the highest authority in Sunni Islam.) “Let us say once more a firm and clear ‘No!’ to every form of violence, vengeance and hatred carried out in the name of religion or in the name of God,” the Pope said in an address to a peace conference. The pope presented the imam with a copy of his recent encyclical, ‘Laudato Si.’




Restricting Nuclear Weapons

Here is the information on a new bill submitted to the House of Representatives to prohibit the President’s first-use nuclear strike without a declaration of war by Congress. Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) and Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-CA) have introduced S. 200 and H.R. 669, respectively, the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017.

The Markey bill has been co-sponsored by five Senators: Feinstein (CA), Franken (MN), Merkley (OR), Sanders (VT) and Van Hollen (MD). The Lieu bill has 32 co-sponsors.
Click here  for a list of sponsors and to track the progress of this important bill.

For maximum impact, please contact your Members of Congress today. You can identify your Representative/Senators by clicking here. And then call them by contacting the Capitol Hill Switchboard: