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Current Highlights:

Pope Brings Refugee Families to the Vatican


ANSA990320_LancioGrande(Vatican Radio) Hassan Zahida and his wife Nour appear dazed and almost unbelieving they are finally safe. Their two-year-old little boy is happily making mud-cakes and  playing with pebbles – just like any other child in the world.


They are one of the three families who boarded the plane in Greece with Pope Francis on Saturday at the end of his visit to Lesbos. Here in Rome they are hosted by the Saint Egidio Community that obtained “humanitarian visas” to allow them to make the journey and that is taking care of logistics and helping them find their feet as their requests for asylum are being processed.

Vatican Radio’s Linda Bordoni met them at Saint Egidio premises and asked them to share their feelings as they prepare to hopefully set the foundations for a life of “normality”.

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US Corporate Taxes Are Below Average, But Some Continue to Call for Lowering Them Even Further

We’ve repeatedly heard the calls from “pro-business” members of Congress and supporters: the U.S. corporate tax rate is too high. It drives businesses overseas, they say. We need to lower the corporate tax rate to bring and keep business here, allow U.S. companies to compete internationally, create jobs and grow the economy, they say. But when we look at the facts, we see why these claims are such head smackers.

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