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Current Highlights:

Lenten Calendar

Central United Methodist Women have created a Lenten calendar of spiritual practice to care for creation. Any faith community or individual is welcome to use it as is or change to fit their needs. Click the link to access PDF. Below is a sample of the first week.

This Creation Care Lenten Calendar has been designed as a Lenten practice to help us all become more aware how the daily choices we make about how we live our lives impact people both locally and around the world. You are invited to consider ways you and your family might be more faithful in becoming better stewards of God’s creation. As you read and act on the suggestions in this Calendar, do so with a prayer.

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5 Things You Need to Know About The Border Wall

The Trump administration has asked Congress for nearly $18 billion to build more than 700 miles of border wall along the U.S.–Mexico border. Alejandro Dávila, press secretary at Earthjustice, explains how the construction of a border wall imposes environmental costs and natural disaster, threatens border communities, harms native wildlife and wastes taxpayer dollars.

Construction of a wall is likely to create roadblocks in the migration paths of several threatened and endangered species and will also hinder the natural flow of waterways. In August 2017, the Department of Homeland Security issued a waiver that exempts construction efforts near San Diego from environmental and other regulations. Read an interview with environmental lawyer Dinah Bear on the impact of the decision on the environment and coming legal challenges to the wall.



Meditation Videos

Here, we will feature different videos we have made that can be used for self or group meditation and reflection.

Using the inscription on the Statue of Liberty and the words of Pope Francis, this four minute video invites us to reflect on the compassion we need to reach out to those for whom lady liberty was created. It is important to reignite the welcoming flame our country was founded upon. As people of faith, we are encouraged to care for Mother Earth, reach out to our refugee sisters and brothers, and to share the light with all who are suffering. All refugees are always welcomed by Lady Liberty.